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                Maintaining A Spirit of Calm Amid the COVID-19 Panic
We Will Get Through This Together!!
At C. J. Lombardo Company we are working hard to maintain your safety and well-being as a resident in our property. We are doing this in a number of ways:
  1. Doubled our sanitizing procedures and have asked all of our vendors to maintain safe work practices and social distancing when at any of our properties.
  2. Our on-site staff has been instructed in CDC safe procedures. Our offices are closed to the public, but we continue to work online and behind closed doors to maintain the economic and physical safety of your property.
  3. We are adhering to all government regulations and following all guidelines for the safe operation of our properties. Our Staff will NOT enter your apartment except for emergencies only during this period. Inspections and normal maintenance work have been suspended.
We ask that all residents continue to meet their lease obligations by paying rent on time, as our financial obligations have not ceased because of the virus. However, we understand that some residents may have temporarily lost wages or have been laid off.
Our policy during this crisis will be to work with those who have lost the ability to pay rent. However, this policy is only for extreme cases where a person has become unemployed because of the virus and has no other savings or means to pay the rent. You will be required to provide proof of your financial situation. If that is the case, please notify your resident manager or the Main office as soon as possible. You will be asked to sign a Non-Eviction form which states the specifics of your situation and allows the company to work with you during the crisis. Your Rent obligation continues even during the crisis. If you think you will not be able to pay you must also send an email to the following address:
We consider all our residents to be part of our family and during this time of crisis we will make every effort to keep your property safe. And we ask that you all follow safe procedures as set forth by our government officials
Stay Safe, be informed and be smart and may God Bless each of you. We will get through this.
Jerome J. Lombardo, President
C. J. Lombardo Companies
**There are assistance programs being set up by calling 211 or visiting 211.org, visit the online unemployment website to obtain information on applying for full and/or partial unemployment and contacting their 401k programs during extreme times
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